We have spent our entire careers helping people with their estates. Perhaps the greatest challenge they face is going into a nursing home. They thought that day would never come for them. But it did. They thought that Medicare would pay for it. But it didn’t. When they realize that they will have to pay the $6,000 or more monthly charges for the rest of their lives, they panic. That is where we come in.

The Georgia Medicaid laws permit people to qualify for Medicaid nursing home benefits with substantial estates. Moreover, it is possible for them to pass a majority of their estates to their children free of nursing home debt. Such results can only be achieved with careful planning.

Our law firm offers Medicaid nursing home and special needs trust planning. This includes the entire life cycle of developing the plan, implementation of the plan, and representing the client before the state. A summary of the services we provide are set forth in the booklet below. If you find yourself in need of this important planning, we invite you to give us a call.

Download our Medicaid Nursing Home Planning and Special Needs Trust Booklet.

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